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The lies of Mitch McConnell

As I watch the Middle Class struggle to make ends meet, as I watch the Middle Class pay more for less, as I watch the Middle Class work more hours for less pay and fewer benefits…..I have to laugh at Mitch McConnell’s latest antic which is his claim to “fight” for the Middle Class! Here you go Mitch…..I’m listening….are you?


Election time is around the corner so this Mitch McConnell, the ‘Patron Saint’ of snake oil salesmen has now come up with a fantasy statement that he and his Koch moneyed fellow Republicans are “fighting for the middle class”.
Well, now let us go over their “fighting” history for the working middle class in this country and then “thank” them at the polls this November for all they have done to screw the ones they now claim to have been “fighting” for all these years with their majority in the “Do Nothing Congress” whose approval now stands at 7% (93% disapproval rating), the worst ever in the history of this Nation..

Here are the PRIME ACHIEVEMENTS of Republicans with this Mitch McConnell at the helm of the Party:

1) Stopped the working of the Government with ransom demands to give tax breaks to the Corporation and billionaires while cutting Social Security for the elderly and food stamps for the poor that caused 24 billion in loss to the nation and left millions of workers without income and with insecurity . And they were “fighting” for the middle class workers, he says!

2) Each and every one of them voted to block and defeated the “Lilly Ledbetter Act” that would have given equal pay to women for equal work. But he says they were “fighting” for the workers!

3) Drastically cut funding for clinics providing breast, cervical, uterine and ovarian cancer diagnosis to those middle class and poor workers who could not afford the expense. But he does say they all are “fighting” for the workers!

4) Voted as a block and defeated a minimum pay increase of a mere couple of dollars for those mothers and fathers who work 2 to 3 jobs, 18 hours a day at $7.25 per hour and still struggle to pay bills and put food on the table for their children when this man McConnell took home over $200,000 in paychecks from the government but denied a meager increase to the workers to benefit the Corporate Masters who have them in their pockets with campaign bribes so as to keep safe their billions in profits and bonuses at the cost of the workers of this nation. But that he says he and his fellow Republicans were “fighting” for the working class

5) Cut funding for school lunches for those children whose parents were struggling to make ends meet and for many of those children that was the only meal of the day. Now that “compassionate” McConnell and his fellow Republicans certainly feel they were surely “fighting” for the middle class and the poor!

6) Again, united as a block, EACH AND EVERYONE of his “fellow Republicans” voted against and defeated the “Veterans jobs Bill”, the “Veterans Benefits Bill” and recently the “Veteran’s Healthcare Bill” callously and despicably denying some help to those who served their country on the front lines, thousands returning home without arms or legs or both, left homeless and begging on the streets of the very country they put their lives on the line for, returning with the curse of PTSD and committing suicides now at the rate of one every 24 hours, not to mention those coming home to their loved ones in caskets wrapped with our flag when neither this Mitch McConnell nor his “fellow Republicans” nor their children (except one patriotic senator and his son) ever volunteered to put their lives on the line avoiding drafts and military duty with connections in high places and on religious grounds. But this Mitch McConnell does have the audacity to say they are “fighting” for the working class in this country!

7) Pushed and are still pushing for approval of XL Pipeline and “Fracking” for the benefit of Koch brothers as payment with interest for their $420 billion these billionaires invested in their campaign funds at the cost of those farmers and citizens driven from their homes against their will with their children suffering catastrophic health problems with a drastic increase in cancer cases from the toxic chemicals that would catch fire at the faucets carrying the polluted water from the aquifers that they drank and used for cooking, watered their farmland and which their animals drank and died as a result of.
And that, Mr. McConnell says, he and his ‘fellow Republicans’ were doing in their efforts “fighting for the middle class!”

8) Voted against and defeated a bill just put forth in the House that would have been a blessing for our children to get student loans at 0.75%, the same rate the Wall Street Bankers get their loans from the government at, but instead introduced his own bill that allowed the same Wall Street bankers getting their loans at 0.75% to charge students at the rate of up to 10.5% that has long been a chain around the necks of these young students starting out in life with an enormous burden that piles up high every year and cannot be erased even with a bankruptcy. And this Mr. McConnell, a leader of his Republican party says he and his “fellow Republicans are fighting for the middle class!”
These are just some of the instances that come to mind when this ‘Patron Saint of Liars” claims to be “fighting for the middle class” with his ‘fellow Republicans’.

DO NOT FORGET to vote this November and “reward” these traitors to their constituents and the bought off puppets of the Corporations for all the years of atrocities committed on the citizens of this country and this for the benefit of their benefactors with some dire consequences for the country itself that they inflicted with the power of their majority in Congress that they utilized to defeat all the productive efforts of a President simply because of the color of his skin.
Vote and make sure you tilt the scales in your favor on November 4th of this year!!!

I wish to thank Jane Kermani for this most valuable information………….