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Obama’s Legacy: A Damning Indictment on White Conservatism in America by Matt Coleman

Barack Obama is not a person who would defend the rights and heritage of the European-American people. 
–David Duke, former Ku Klux Klan leader and current T.E.A. Party spokesperson
The art of leadership…consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention. 
–Adolf Hitler, Germany’s president and Nazi Party leader (1933-1945)
It takes a certain level of hypocrisy for anyone who is conservative and Caucasian in the United States to argue that the main reason for his or her resentment towards Barack Obama isn’t because he happens to be half-African-American, especially given the fact that so many Caucasian conservatives have done everything possible to make sure that Caucasian Democrats and independents end up feeling a sense of guilt for having elected Obama as president since the beginning of his term in 2009. This certain level of hypocrisy is nothing new in American politics of course, but it really has come to the forefront in such a way that it is now laughable to hear these same conservatives blame Obama for everything that is wrong with the U.S. while attempting to justify Richard Nixon’s counterculture-fueled paranoia and George W. Bush’s calloused ineptitude during their terms in the White House.
Regardless of whether or not it is because “white, right and uptight” conservatives feel a desperate sense of entitlement to attack Democrats by whatever means necessary for political gain, their inability to feel any sense of shame regarding how they are seen by the rest of the world when it comes to attacking the first African-American president in U.S. history only bolsters the impression of how ass-backwards white conservatives in America really are. It’s no wonder as to why the United States continues to be treated more like a bad joke internationally instead of as a respectable superpower when a certain percentage of the U.S. population refuses to accept an African-American as their president solely on the basis of his skin color.
What makes the punchline to this joke so tragically ironic is that this deep-seeded resentment towards an African-American president being in office is coming from current representatives of a political faction whose purpose was founded on the basis of emancipating slavery within the United States–the Republican Party.
Of course I blame the T.E.A. Party movement and the conservative social media for the perpetual amount of “silly season” politics which has fueled the GOP’s determination to bring out the most delinquent aspects of American culture since Obama’s presidency began. What makes it all the more worse for both the GOP and the T.E.A. Party is the fact that what started as a legitimate movement to stop unnecessary Federal spending became nothing more than a corporate-sponsored excuse to legitimize the existence of bigotry in the U.S., even to the point of making democracy itself a target for practicing discrimination by attempting to pass legislation which prohibits voters from being able to cast their ballots without an I.D. card.

Let’s be honest with ourselves once and for all: To say that racism has played a large part in the amount of vitriol being expressed by white conservatives in the U.S. towards President Obama really would be an obvious understatement at this point in time. All this talk among conservatives about constitutionality, less government and more freedom will mean nothing once Republicans are able to gain a majority in Federal, State and local government. Unfortunately, the only time that conservative voters choose to bitch about big government and less freedom is when Democrats have any amount of influence in Federal, State or local government. But whenever Republicans gain a majority, it’s amazing how conservatives suddenly become silent about having to pay more in taxes for unnecessary spending and for legislation which limits their freedoms.

Ask yourself: When was the last time you heard a conservative complain about having paid taxes for the outsourcing of U.S. jobs or the Patriot Act?… Think about it.

Regardless of how sincere or disingenuous conservatives are about believing that Barack Obama is everything that they have accused him of being, I am quite certain that they would have made similar arguments in response to Hillary Clinton had she won the Democratic nomination for president in 2008. The difference is that their arguments against Hillary probably wouldn’t have included tasteless images of her as an African witch doctor if she had ended up winning the 2008 presidential election over John McCain.

Attacking the credibility of the Democratic Party is to be expected from Republicans and conservatives when it comes to furthering their political and social agendas, but for these same Republicans and conservatives to argue that Barack Obama will be remembered as the worst president in U.S. history without taking responsibility for their own actions in trying to guarantee such an assessment is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who has been paying even a modicum amount of attention to both Obama’s presidency and how the post-Reagan era Republican Party chose to react to it.
The sad truth that the Republican National Committee will have to face in the years ahead is the fact that their decision to accept “white, right and uptight” conservatives into their party has done nothing more than help to create a political, economic and social agenda within the Republican establishment which insists that only Christian Caucasians should be classified as legitimate citizens, and that all others are (in their personal opinion) savage outsiders and/or foreigners who should have very little or no say in how the U.S. is governed, even if those “savage outsiders” or “foreigners” were born within the United States, like themselves.
If such an agenda appears similar to what white separatist/racist hate groups like the Ku Klux Klan have been preaching for decades within the U.S., well that’s because both agendas are similar, quite frankly. I mean let’s face it: If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it sure as hell isn’t a pony, right?
It also helps to remember that many white conservatives in the South and in other parts of the country left the Democratic Party and became registered Republicans after feeling betrayed by President Lyndon Johnson because of his decision to sign the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 into law. This explains why so many white conservatives have such a genuine resentment towards liberalism in America. Whenever white conservatives claim that liberalism drove them out of the Democratic Party, what they’re actually implying is that they left the Democratic Party because liberal Democrats refused to tolerate their inherently prejudicial beliefs regarding race, gender andreligion.
This also explains why so many white conservatives in the U.S. want to undermine the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 today. The reason why conservative Caucasians didn’t want the acts passed into law in 1964 and ’65 is because they wanted to preserve racism and other institutionalized forms of bigotry and inequality in America, plain and simple…

…Guess what? That mentality still exists among the majority of white conservatives in America fifty years later. As I have already stated, if it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it sure as hell isn’t a pony.

Any political faction making the argument that civil rights and voting rights need to be reevaluated while using immature and blatantly racist tactics to discredit their rivals clearly doesn’t have a constituency with the collective intellectual capacity to realize or understand how much their argument could come back to haunt them someday. For the Republican Party and its Caucasian conservative base, the demand for reevaluating civil rights and voting rights ultimately works to no one’s advantage–especially theirs.
If for no other reason, Barack Obama’s presidency will be remembered for the level of racism that was exposed not by any Democrat in public office or any liberal journalist or pundit in the social media, but by the majority of white conservatives within the Republican Party who were more than willing to express their racist views in protest to his election in 2008 and 2012.