Every Conservative Is An Enemy

This is exactly right and if we cannot convince a large part of the population this, we are screwed.

Armory of the Revolution

Capitalism has done a remarkable job of convincing Americans that “capitalism” is synonymous with “freedom” and the “American Way of Life.”

Socialism has been demonized since the end of World War II. Capitalism has been promoted for almost 150 years. Despite the injustices of capitalism, it’s pernicious control of government, it’s infectious effects on public policy, the fleecing of consumers, the larceny of the banks, the exploitation of working people, the vast accumulation of wealth by a handful of oligarchs, the runaway power of international corporations, the depletion of natural resources, the degradation of the Environment, and the subsidies of the taxpayers, few Americans are aware of the truth.

Fewer still are brave enough to declare that the emperor has no clothes.

Most people cannot envision a socialist society. They have been convinced that they one day could become millionaires, so they do not want to tax the rich. They…

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