Government and Apathy

by Jerry Bierens, March 7, 2015

While signing some petitions on just a few minutes ago I found something I find curious. The discrepancies in the way people qualify what’s important to them. I think I see why we have such apathy in America when it comes to voting and government things in general.

While the numbers that follow are somewhat dependent on when the petition was started (I didn’t have that info) but by the wide difference in the numbers, I think you can see what I mean.

Of the five petitions I signed the total number of others that have signed each too are as follows:

To Boycott Monsanto- 23,926
To support diplomacy w/Iran- 2287
To ban bee killing pesticides- 10,594
To make BP pay for oil spills- 19,235
And to save Zeus (a pit bull dog) and others like him from being collected and disposed of- 355,975

Are you seeing what I see here? That we are more interested in saving dog(s) and less concerned about the critically important things that affect our everyday lives. Pure apathy. It’s killing our democracy.

That’s my observation. It should make us all check our priorities. I’m NOT in favor of banning a certain type of dog no more than I would be to not favor of any of the subjects of the petitions I signed.

I know we can do better. Our very lives may depend on it.


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