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Peace and Critical Thinking

by Jerry Bierens December 2, 2015

Forming a better world through logic, reason and critical thinking.

There is nothing more important than finding ways that we can all live together, in [world] peace and harmony.

This has been the ultimate challenge since we first learned to talk and to [try to] figure out problems that we face on a daily basis.

First what are the things and challenges that we must conquer to achieve peace and harmony on this one habitable planet we all share?

We are all creatures with needs and wants, and we, as brothers and sisters, should be able to construct a basic set of things that are necessary to achieve this goal of reasonable caring for each other and the wellbeing of all, not just the rich and powerful.

To start, what causes most discord amongst humans? Well, we all need food and shelter. That is at the top of the list of needs.

Second, there is, not just the basics as mentioned above, but the fact that we will not live long without understanding certain things that are critical, like being clean, learning what is unhealthy and why we get sick, whether it be physical or mental.

Since I’m not a physicist or a physician, I can only talk from a critical thinking and common sense point of view and how we acknowledge the problems that come from just being humans that have differences.

We do not live in the trees and socialize with just some grunts, body language and an order of social hierarchy understood by the group anymore.

We now have evolved into many social groups with many different languages. We have populated this planet from nearly pole to pole, with some exceptions, like the North and South poles. We visit there and have outcamps there, but we mainly do not generally live there.

Besides all these differences, there are things that are common to the areas where we live, and these certainly affect how, and why, we do certain things, and that is one source of what causes discord and prevents us from easily obtaining this elusive world peace.

If we all spoke the same language, had the same skin pigment and we were nearly identical, that would be a good thing, but it just isn’t that way.

Still it’s not imperative to have all those things and be that way. We can still live long and healthy if we can achieve peace and harmony by choosing to ignore these minor differences (after all, we now know for certain that all humans share a minimum of 10% sub-Saharan African DNA), and learn to get along for the good of all and in the best interests of all.

Let’s explore that as directly and as basically as we can.

The things that cause conflict and that must be solved to obtain this possibility of “world peace” can be identified with logic and reason.

We have wars because we have social differences, conflicting religious superstitions, want the same land or it can be just a lack of communication and understanding.

We can only get to the next possible level, of ending wars, feeding and taking care of each other by reasoning through things using critical thinking, logic and reason.

We need to choose to use our logic and critical thinking first, since one of the main problems we have, and have fought wars over for centuries, is the differences in our superstitions, otherwise known as religion.

Through logic, reasoning and critical thinking, we can lose our delusion that keeps these sects of religions alive and negatively affects our ability to get along. Using religious superstition and faith in things unseen, and without empherical proof, can be equated to a form of mental deficiency. Why? Because religion causes a lack of critical thinking and the ability to use our brains to dispell myths for what they are, fake and imaginary.

That is a necessary step and it won’t come easily, but can be done.

All religion is based on superstitutions and a belief in some “god” (take your pick, there have been around 2700 of them to choose from) and mainly it’s the huge “elephant in the room”, so to speak.

Faith without evidence is not a good thing. It deludes our thinking to the point of being the one thing that really harms us as a species. It causes hate and mistrust and that leads to conflicts.

Let’s face the truth here. All religions were invented by the people that were literate at the time versus those that weren’t for the sole purpose of keeping the peasants under control and in “their place”. We now know that as a fact and it’s just plain wrong.

There is no real use for these superstitions, or any religion anymore, and they are in fact the biggest source of conflict we have. It’s not logical. No one needs religion, superstions or belief in an unseen and invisible entity to be a moral person.

That is also a fact that can be verified through how many people are in jail/prison, have a higher education and generally live a moral life. (Atheists account for less than 0.2% of prison inmates, are generally smarter and have a generally better education)

Anyone, through the use of critical thinking, and if they use it to honestly look at all [their] religions, should, with logic, only come to one conclusion. God is imaginary.

Eliminate religion and superstition and what’s left?

Well, there’s these things to consider:

We will always have conflict over territory and land but without the insanity of religion, those differences, and most of these things could be resolved with reason, logic and cooperation.

I’m not calling for a new world order or a central government, just the fact that this one big stumbling block, religion, is at the root of us not being able to live in peace, with the good of all humanity, as the most critical, important thing. After all it is in the best interests of us all. War is not.

Then we must look at the way we treat this one planet that we need, as the next important issue for the good of all and for our very survival as a species. We are currently doing a lot of damage, some of it irreversable, to our air, land and water.

We must take care of this planet, our only home in this vast universe, at least for now, and just putting emphasis on eliminating this one thing (religion) would be a great start on that path.

My suggestion is to read many books, instead of just one terrible one, [take your favorite pick, the bible, quran or torah] and there are many out there that are readily available.

As a first book, I suggest the book, “How God Works” by  Marshall Brain as it teaches us how to use logic and critical thinking to end our superstitions and belief in fake, non-existent entities.

There is a path to a peaceful future and I believe it goes through this path of logic, reason and critical thinking. Yes, I am an Atheist.