Why Bernie Or Bust must succeed

The supporters of Hillary Clinton are trying to place the blame on Bernie supporters if she should happen to lose in November.

As it is said many times that this election will be decided on the internet, and I believe that is an accurate statement. When watching mainstream media on TV you can see why this is thought of like that as there is a monumental difference in the coverage given to the main three candidates left, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton and [sociopath] Donald Trump (also know as Drumpf or the Trump Nazi).

Here is why placing blame on Bernie supporters if in fact Hillary should (god forbid) lose in November to Trump is wrong.

There are many valid reasons why we as Bernie Sanders supporters are not to blame if Hillary fails.

1. Hillary has too many ties to big banking, big pharmacy and her past ties to Monsanto and even more disturbing, Walmart.

2. Believing that she will not owe favors to these companies that have given her millions in donations (some that are even under investigation by the FBI and IRS for racketeering) is just not using your brain and critical thinking to see that that is foolish.

3. Hillary either was or still is on the wrong side of the most important progressive social changes that Bernie has been behind for 4 decades, like universal healthcare as a right, raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour (Hillary has said that $12 was enough but studies prove that to be shortsighted).

Then there are other things where she is either on the wrong side of, or has been in the past, and has only recently changed her position because of Bernie raising public awareness on these things.

4. Hillary has not come out and said that she is against the Keystone pipeline, or for prepaid college tuition, strengthening Social Security, against the (disastrous) TPP Trade Agreement, for paid family leave for births, deaths and other family needs or child care pre-K, to name some.

These are just some of the things that give me and others pause when it comes to voting for her. She is too much the status quo and not nearly the progressive we need in this critical part of our history.

In fact, I believe that this election may be out last chance to save our government from becoming a 100% fascist oligarchy.

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with all people that know how much of a disaster a Trump presidency would be, but the way to insure that does not happen lies more with making Bernie the candidate and less with having Hillary the nominee.

But if Hillary is the nominee, all that means is that we are in for a bumpy ride with either Hillary or, even more so with Trump and once again progress is denied.

So in conclusion, Hillary could very well lose the election to Trump. She does not poll well against him like Bernie does. All the polls put Bernie beating Trump by double digit margins and Hillary is either in a dead heat or actually LOSES to Trump. Unacceptable!

We can and must do better.

#BernieOrBust, it’s not just a slogan, it’s our future and more importantly, the future or our children and their children and all generations to come.




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