The Attack on our Democracy

How the Koch Brothers are changing our government

Now that the Koch Brothers have [almost] achieved their dream of the wealthy and corporations controlling every aspect of our government — and have control of the [former] GOP — now completely overtaken by the Libertarian wing of said party they [the Koch’s] have upheld since the early 70’s, we are becoming their [brand] of utopia where the goals are to have limited government interference in their affairs and their ability to amass fortunes that are so vast that it allows them to become the installers of the plutocratic/theocratic government they have coveted their entire lives.

They probably lean more to the plutocratic side rather than the theocratic side. I highly doubt that either of them is devoutly religious, much like “Don the Con” that has been [illegally in my estimation] conveniently installed as their “puppet in chief”.

Their goal of dividing the country by calling people “moochers” [if they rely on any government program like Medicare, Social Security, public schools, good infrastructure and a fair and honest judicial system and more], from the makers like them, is at the doorstep.

They divide us by naming us either as “makers or takers”– the makers, of course, are the class that owes nothing to the “takers” that are only interested in sucking off the government teat. What a load of bullshit! Without the men and women that work daily at jobs that produce the very wealth they enjoy, they would not have any wealth at all.

So by dividing the voters in this manner, they accomplish the notion that all would be good for everyone if they leave the “important” decisions to them — thus the return by this administration to the [grossly failed] policies of the Reagan era — trickle down theory, as evidenced by the recent enormous tax cut that helps the wealthy only.

This gross tax cut adds [est. 1.5 trillion in the next 10 years] to our huge debt and relies on the working class to pay it off while they sit back and laugh all the way to their offshore bank accounts.

This division is the method they use — they have so far successfully convinced about 40% of the population to vote for their puppet GOP candidates, even though by doing so, they are voting against their own best interests. So if you have wondered as to how they get people, that are otherwise intelligent and thoughtful, to vote this way, this is at the very root of that dilemma.

We can stop this coup — no exaggeration — by voting out the puppets of the GOP and the handful of Blue Dog Democrats and taking our future back from this oligarchy.

We must do this to stop this assault on our Democracy and return the government back to being what the founding fathers intended–a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

Remember; it’s not the government that needs changing, it’s the people the voters elect that need to be changed.

Vote blue only.

If you’d like more insight on this subject and are willing to see the truth–I suggest you get the book– “Democracy in Chains” by Nancy MacLean. It explains it in greater detail than I can in this blog.

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