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The Potential Harm Done By Religion 

Religious fascism and the number of fascists that are using this recent wave of dissent to enhance their influence all around the world is on the rise.

There may be an increase in the number of people that have come to realize that all religion is man-made, has no power other than what followers give them, are all false and nothing more than allegorical fairytales and stories, but that only seems to increase the most fanatical among them to be even crazier.

All religions have no more reality than any other book or article about ghosts, dead coming out of the grave, or any other thing that lies in the area of the fiction found in every religious text.

A sample:

In Nepal, women are now banished from their homes if they are menstruating or have just given birth.

In the USA a Baptist minister (monster) calls for the execution of LGBTQ.

Rick Wiles, another (American religious fanatic and an all around crazy person) says that “if you’re not a Christian, then you worship Satan” (he must not be aware of the percentage of millennials that are leaving organized religion at a record pace or even more unaware of the increase of people like me that are 100% Atheist).

Then we see Jonathan Shelly, another idiot, that says that all gamers (millennials mostly) are fat and lazy and should be put to death.

And last (today) but not least, there is the fanatical president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, whose ideas are beyond bad and could be described as cruel and barbaric — at best. I have no specifics here — that would take a book from what I’ve seen of this Fascist and will have to wait for another day.

Thanks for reading….