Knowledge Leads to Atheism

As an Atheist that has only recently “came out” and proclaimed such (even though I knew as early as age 5 or 6 that religion was fake and man made), I have been learning a lot about the Bible through my search for the truth of religion in general and have achieved the plateau of the realization, that all religion is man made and not in any way a word of any of the (by some estimates 3700 different) “gods”. I equate the Koran to be even less of a word of any god than the Bible, although I have not studied it. I believe the study of the Koran to be an exercise in futility as it seems to be just a more radical version of the Bible. This is not a religious awakening but it’s a conclusion based on factual evidence.

Once one accepts the facts and shakes off the shackles of religious acceptance, there is no going back. I relate it to the same as when a child is (finally) told that there is no REAL Santa Claus, then from that day forward they never go backwards and accept it as a fact again. There is no Santa Claus and after factual research and study of religious texts I find it preposterous that anyone can still believe that “God” exists either. There is no going back.

I recently read an article (blog if you will) by  about how Ayaan Hirsi Ali has come to say some really, what I and Mr. Drury would agree, hypocritical and unnecessarily dangerous things about Islam and Muslims in general.

She states her obvious hatred of Islam and the “teachings” of Mohammed as being the basis for this quote: She said that, ”She believes that all of Islam is radical, and that the only way it can be dealt with is to be “crushed” and “defeated,” “by any way.” She also has come out in the favor of supporting a physical war on Islam. I do not agree. War is nasty and has never led to peace but to only temporary defeat such as the Germany of the first and second World Wars.

Her alignment with an American “think tank” turned hate group, the AHA Foundation, has exposed a source of hypocrisy, that as a proclaimed Atheist, she should, in my estimation NEVER be associated with. That organization is a right wing nut job group and always prefers war to diplomacy. They only accept her for her desire to crush Islam through war. War should be the middle name of the AHA.

It is disturbing that her bashing of Islam is not equaled with a similar bashing of Christianity. She basically defends Christianity, and as an Atheist, I find that to be curious. They are, after all, based on the same ancient man made texts and thus in my mind, deserve the same amount of extreme hostility.

With that being said, I hope that there would be a much less violent way to deal with our religious dissimilarity and that there would be a greater education about religion. We should all know that religion is not a necessary tool for people to be moral and good. It just has no value there, as is accepted by a majority of people, with Americans leading the way.

Education about the truth of religion (or more pointedly the stupid insanity of ALL religion), must be accepted only with an open mind, and thus, in my opinion, is the only non-violent path to living in a peaceful world. War never actually solves anything but the realization that Atheism does address a pathunnamed (13) for all people to accept each other and live in peace and harmony. Religious beliefs and differences should never be a valid reason for physical war.


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