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On the Wings of the Night

Look what they’re doing (somewhat) covertly hoping you won’t notice.

While the main distraction was being perpetuated, see what your new (cough) president and his fascist, racist, bigoted cronies were up to……

When they thought that no one would notice……. too much, this is a list (that’s probably not 100% complete) of things introduced in the House of Representatives:

  1. HR 861- Terminate the Environmental Protection Agency
  2. HR 610- Vouchers for Public Education
  3. HR 899- Terminate the Department of Education
  4. HJR 69- Repeal rule Protecting Wildlife
  5. HR 370- Repeal the Affordable Care Act
  6. HR 354- De-fund Planned Parenthood
  7. HR 785- National Right to Work law (this one would effectively end all unions)
  8. HR 83-   Mobilizing Against Sanctuary Cities
  9. HR 147- Criminalizing Abortion (Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act)
  10. HR 808- Sanctions against Iran

I have never seen, or ever thought I’d see, such dysfunction and deceit in the elected officials in this country.

I guess I should have known when Sarah Palin emerged and took ignorance to new lofty heights in politics.

Then I became aware of the likes of dumb shit Michele Bachmann and Joni Ernst and realized that we had entered some form of alternate intelligence…… I mean when I was younger and didn’t pay as much attention to politics as I do now, I at least knew that even if someone was on the other side of an issue, that there was a bit of decorum politely extended and rational, civilized discussions would take place. Oh well…

Now I’m nearly ready to jump ship and swim until I die bcause the grip these semi-literate hate mongers have on the true illiterate hate mongers is, in my estimation beyond the point of no return.

Having said that…….I’ll be back!!!

I have been silent but……..

There is something I need to say.

We are all one race, the human race.

The problem is that there are too many delusional assholes that think they know something, that it is impossible to know, and they falsely think there is a some flying dirty minded monster (who they claim, says in a book of ancient fairy tales) that you actually are required to cut off part of you penis, and that is what’s best.


This he/she/it they think that controls our known universe, (I think it’s about time IT got rid of those nasty black holes, quasars, super novas, radiation, not only from our only one light and energy source [the sun], but from the whole universe)……there are gamma rays, galaxies that crash into each other and all the other bad things that make this universe the most violent thing ever, real or imagined.

We are fucking lucky to have a small oasis in, this most violent mass of dark matter, gas, exploding stars and other things that are out to annihilate life as we know it, and they would like to tell you how you must live this one (once again very unlikely) life that we have?

I hate religion. It is the true root of all evil.

The next thing that (I desperately need to vent) is the that we are forced to, and destined to, (since there are too many people on this tiny rock), live under the rule of some form of government.

In America we are now faced with the most critical election in our lives (short, in evolutionary terms) and they are trying to trick us into thinking that a narcissistic, racist, bigoted, sociopath is the person that will, not only improve the lives of millions in America, but will make, not only this country, (America, in case you are ADD) but the world a better, safer, more equal place????

I digress……

I’ll just say that anyone that would cast a vote for Donald Trump is not working from a position of reality, but is as delusional as adults these with imaginary “friends”.

After the DNC cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, that he (I believe and I have many others that think the same) won by a virtual landslide, and installed queen Hillary as the “preferred” candidate, this fact remains, there are too many people (including myself) who find Hillary Clinton repulsive for mostly MSM’s irrational “reasons” and yet we are willing to risk everything that we as a compassionate and (sometimes) caring people have gained in the last 150 years and throw all progress away????

That we will knowingly throw rational thinking to the wind as a form of protest and end up with a government that is totally controlled by the 1% at the cost of the 99%?

That makes me want to puke.

Vote blue all the way, democrats may not be perfect (who is?), but the republiKKKans are insane.

Donald Trump is the proof…..


Weak Without Guns: Open Carry Texas

Carrying guns openly in public doesn’t help basic logic skills

It was just an ordinary day on twitter, when I suddenly noticed Open Carry Texas was acting all smug because Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America wouldn’t meet with them. OCT has a long history of attempting to intimidate Moms Demand of course, and I decided maybe I should call them on that.

Open Carry Texas

Yes, their members have a history of murder. Here’s the link I tweeted to them. They tried to blow that off as a one-time thing, after trying to deny it first. Hey, no big deal one of their own suddenly snapped and killed her family, it was just the one time! They’d also prefer we ignore some of the criminal records their various followers possess.

Not to mention the intimidating way they introduced themselves to Moms Demand by displaying their guns to them while they met for lunch; using female mannequins to stand in for the Moms to be shot up; along with their constant swarming of Moms Demand members on twitter and Facebook, along with whomever else supports responsible firearms legislation, this writer included.

At this point, I informed them how often I get death threats from gun lobby supporters and suggested that might be contributing to their image problems. I showed them this screenshot as an example:

Open Carry Texas

I wasn’t expecting sympathy from Open Carry Texas on this, but I did want to illustrate why Moms Demand didn’t want to talk to them. Besides OCT’s constant smear campaigns against them, that is. It took them a day to answer, and their response was that both sides were equally complicit in death threats against children, a laughable premise, and tried to dismiss it entirely:

Open Carry Texas

My answer was to say that threatening the life of a child was unjustifiable. They simply insulted me in response, and said I was the one threatening them:

Open Carry Texas

Open Carry Texas


Open Carry Texas thinks they are the ones getting bullied. They were the ones crying “victim” in the first place, that’s what got me to engage them. Those mean Moms won’t talk to them! Why can’t anyone see that they’re nice, reasonable people!

Also, I was apparently the one threatening them, even though I’d done nothing of the sort. Unless pointing out their history and the flaws in their arguments were what Open Carry Texas considered “threats.” If so, this should bring up grave concerns as to what they see as a threat while they’re walking around with firearms.

It was during this exchange a fellow by the name of Gavan Boucher challenged OCT over how they must feel weak without their guns. Open Carry Texas didn’t seem to grasp his point, and went ahead and confirmed it:

Open Carry Texas

Whether it was because they realized they’d argued themselves into a corner; felt outnumbered by three dudes on the Internet; or because (more likely) they’d just given up; OCT didn’t try again until the next day. Which was curious, because they just picked right back up with the insults, even though it had gotten them nowhere:Open Carry Texas

So, as they were sticking with the whole “death threats against your kid don’t mean shit because people threaten us sometimes” angle, I stayed on them with how that’s not ethically sound. I pointed out how they could barely handle pushback against their own arguments, so probably shouldn’t try to justify death threats. The next day, Open Carry Texas made another attempt to do just that:

Open Carry Texas

Open Carry Texas had taken three days to issue these responses. Perhaps the organizational account was being handled by several people who weren’t bothering to check how the conversation had gone previously, and decided to just miss the points previously made and insult me as their predecessors had done. Perhaps it was just one person, with no idea how to present or defend an argument.

But it was clear that OCT wasn’t very good at debating. They’d been run in a circle, had utterly failed to prove they weren’t comprised of dangerous people, and certainly weren’t very pleasant to deal with. They couldn’t even condemn death threats against a child, instead trying to justify them with “Well we get threats sometimes too!”  Yet they claimed it was Moms Demand who were bullying OCT?


Then OCT tried to “Rand Paul” their tweets, saying they didn’t say what they’d just said. I simply sat back and let them continue destroying their own arguments. Like what happened next, when they disavowed Kory Watkins, after I reminded them of his recent antics:

Open Carry Texas

Mmm. Open Carry Texas had nothing to do with how Kory Watkins got so big. Even though his picture is present on the OCT website several times and he used their platform to raise himself to greater prominence, they can’t be held responsible.

Oh really, Open Carry Texas? If you can’t take even partial responsibility for Kory Watkins implying lawmakers who oppose Open Carry’s goals deserve death; Hell, if you can’t even take responsibility for your own words, then how can you be trusted to take responsibility for a firearm?

This isn’t blaming guns, as Open Carry Texas likes to say, it’s blaming people. One simple twitter conversation easily exposed OCT’s inability to hold together a solid argument or even admit to their own words on screenshot. They are unable to condemn those who threaten the life of a child. They admitted they feel weak without guns. All they had to offer was hatefulness and insults. And they can’t even be honest about it.

Open Carry Texas

And that was pretty much it. They blocked me after that, just like John Lott did when he couldn’t out-debate me, and the blatantly racist NRA Cheerleader “Raging” Rob Kinnison did as well.

The surprising thing about the conversation was how little interference I got from OCT’s followers. No doubt they were trying to pile on, but I’d been speaking out against gun lobbies for a year now, and the worst and most awful of the gun troll accounts were previously blocked. Accounts, it needs to be said, with a history of threatening and insulting those who don’t go along with their Molon Labe viewpoints. Accounts repeatedly retweeted by… Drum Roll… Open Carry Texas!

The takeaway here is that the most vocal pro-gun people count on insults and intimidation to get their way. I’ve proven this before, here and here. They are certain to continue along these lines. For proof, just look to the comments underneath pieces like these. They are invariably jammed with gun lobby supporters trying to virtually shout me down.

Many of the commenters, it needs to be said, have had to be blocked from my personal profiles for vile attacks on my family as well as myself. That’s just how they roll. But there aren’t as many of them as they’d like you to believe. And most of them are in Texas.

Stand up to Open Carry Texas, and all those like them. Don’t let them have their way. OCT are not good guys, but bullies. They are dishonest about their motivations. They can’t even defend their own arguments. And if all they have are threats and insults, then just block them. The rest won’t be able to handle you, and they will block you.

But where you block them for threats and scorn, they will block you for the truth. You can’t get a clearer distinction of right and wrong than that.

“Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

ISIS is Destroying History (Literally!)

Posted by on Sunday, March 1, 2015 · 1 Comment

In an attempt to provoke a western response, ISIS has declared war on ancient history

ISIS is destroying historyISIS has proven itself to be, perhaps, the most comic-book ideal of a terrorist group I have seen to date. They spare no expense in time or money to make themselves appear barbaric and stylish in their campaign of destruction. Recently this includes an incident in which ISIS militants were smashing priceless ancient artifacts in the city of Mosul.

In ISIS’s attempt to re-create their “Caliphate”, they have set out on a campaign to eliminate all things “non-Islamic” across the parts of Syria and Iraq they control. Part of this program has been a systematic destruction of priceless artifacts from ancient Mesopotamia, which was recently taped and distributed by ISIS on social media.

The video takes place in a museum in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, and for me it was hard to watch. These artifacts are irreplaceable, some well over 3,000 years old. To put it in context, some of the items destroyed by ISIS are older than the oldest books of the Bible (and much older than the Koran). Mesopotamia is also the famed “Cradle of Civilization,” so studying from those artifacts has revealed much about many key developments of civilization.

As a student of history, watching the senseless destruction of those priceless artifacts made me sick. The history that has been destroyed by ISIS goons is heartbreaking, let alone the myriad of other atrocities and violations of human decency they have committed. Any and all culture and history that does not fit their radical narrative is to be destroyed. If ISIS ever took over Egypt, I bet they would destroy the Sphinx and the Pyramids too.

The madness perpetrated by ISIS is not new. This act is reminiscent of terror tactics, such as book burnings, done by dictatorships in the past. The book burnings of the Fascists in Europe perhaps come to mind. The object is to destroy everything that does not conform to the narrative. While committing these acts of vain destruction, though, ISIS merely forces us to take them less seriously.

Clearly these acts, while an affront to all decency, are there mainly as provocations. The object of the destruction of the artifacts in Mosul and elsewhere is both to erase non-conformed history and to provoke the West and wider region to attack them. Nothing gets ISIS more recruits like more war.

There is a method to the madness. While many acts of ISIS seem unnecessarily cruel and without purpose, there is a line of reasoning. ISIS is fueled by war, especially war against the “infidels.” One of the main reasons for being so outwardly brutal is to draw in Western and regional powers to fight them, to give ISIS the “Holy War” it so desperately wants.

While I deplore what ISIS has done to priceless pieces of history in Iraq, I also understand that this is only a strategy to provoke more violent reactions. While ISIS may have a method to its madness, giving in to that method only proves its effectiveness. We shouldn’t combat ISIS on their terms, but on ours.

Is Obama Doing Right Economically?

We are all connected to the economy and that’s just a fact. There is a lot of what the current administration done that has created a lot of jobs. The numbers don’t lie (unless you are watching Fox News) and they are very good. Despite all that our economy, and the economy of the world could be sensing a false sense of a true recovery when there are still a lot of things that could and should be better.

We live in a global economy where what happens in one country affects some things in other countries. We have to face that fact. The world is an ever-changing place.

The problem is that the United States and other countries with leading economies are starting to make some of the same mistakes that were made prior to the collapse of 1929. We are not at that point, yet. What we can see is that things haven’t changed that much from the way they were before the 2008 downturn (I use that word cautiously).

The United States cannot still be the masters of the world economic status like they have (sometimes) been in the past. The U.S. has a lot of debt and even though the deficits (by ratio) are less than they were previously, the fact remains. Also part of this is the unnecessary (in my view) Iraq war which conservatively cost us about 3 trillion. I could go into how so much was wasted mostly through no bid contracts (think Haliburton), but that is for another article.

Then is comes to global trade. The rest of the world has come to the realization that their economic recovery will come sooner and easier by selling exports to the U.S., creating a lopsided trading system. So while these economies are dependent on American demand, at the same time America is losing (good paying in many instances) jobs to industry overseas. We cannot continue in this manner and think we can get away with it.

One way our trading partners are gaining ground is that these countries are devaluing their own currencies so their exports will be cheaper than American products. The U.S. trade deficit is on the rise as a result.

The president might be oblivious to this as he is looking at another so-called free trade agreement , the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. The president (through his advisers) is claiming it to be a job creator when that may be just a pipe dream. The claim is that it would create 650,000 jobs but the true number is much less and could even be zero or even a negative number. It’s based on faulty math.

As he takes this bill to congress for approval (the fact remains that he might not ask for its approval, given the correct motive, which could be public outcry) there are some in congress (on both sides of the aisle mind you) that are resisting approval unless we stop our trading partners from currency manipulation.

That might just be the deal breaker we must have, but could make the agreement unworkable for the others. This has its own ramifications. So what else is blocking a true recovery? Fundamentally it’s a lack of consumer demand and the large debt, not just here in America but everywhere. We need to write off a lot of private debt. We bailed out Wall Street, now it might be time to help homeowners  and credit card holders too.
The financial community caused this but if you think they are the ones to solve it, we should talk. I have some very attractive deals for you (large smile).

By listening to them I and others believe Mr. Obama is getting bad advise. Much like letting the fox tend the hen-house. Reforms are necessary. There are big problems in the global economy and it must be taken seriously.

I guess that will be for another time as well. I would sure hate to see this as the President’s legacy and even with his success with the ACA, it could overshadow him.

Probably much of the needed reforms will not be accomplished given the tenuous situation between the President and this (narcissistic, obstructive) congress.

For now all we can do is sit and watch as it is going to be a difficult two years (for everyone, but especially the President) and then the next band of “leaders” will inherit this.

Jerry Bierens

The big elephant in the room that nobody’s talking about

republican victories in state capitolsI’ve begun to notice a trend that seems to have escaped most political news coverage in recent years. Since 2010, Republicans have made massive inroads in state legislative chambers and governors’ mansions across the country. This is especially true after the most recent elections in November.

While most mainstream media coverage was focused on the partisan battle for control of the Senate, the GOP made massive gains in state legislatures in all regions of the country. The motions of statehouse politics might not be as sexy or headline-grabbing as the constant drama seen in D.C. in recent years, it is arguably more consequential for American politics in the long-run.

According to Ballotpedia, Republicans now control a significant majority of state governments across the country. Of the 98 partisan legislative chambers in the United States (a number which excludes Nebraska’s nonpartisan unicameral legislature), Republicans now control 67.

republican victories in state capitols

In terms of governorships, Republicans are in charge of 32 after the 2014 election, leaving Democrats in control of only 18. Most strikingly, these numbers mean that Republicans have control of both legislative chambers and governorships (a “trifecta,” as described in the image on the right) in 23 states, whereas Democrats have complete control of just 7 states.

This significant Republican advantage at the state-level poses serious long-term problems for the Democratic Party’s ability to compete in future elections. Unless Democrats engage in serious efforts to reinvigorate themselves in state and local elections, they may well find themselves trapped in a world where they can only compete effectively for the White House.

While the presidency is an undeniably powerful office, it is of little use when the other levels of government are out of your hands. If Republicans continue to control one or both Houses of Congress or a significant majority of state governments, Democrats may one day be locked in the Oval Office as if it were a prison cell.

Some see a trend that will favor the Republican Party for decades to come. I am hesitant to endorse such a pessimistic vision of the Democratic Party’s future, but I am also significantly less bullish than many liberal activists seem to be. If they are to continue to compete as a viable national party, Democrats must remember that there is much more to effectively controlling the country’s political machinery than just winning the presidency every four years.

There are a number of benefits that these Republican successes grant the Party. Most obviously, it gives them a substantial head-start on using the lower levels of government as laboratories for their preferred policy issues which they will likely one day try to bring up to the national level.

Examples of such policies have already been on display in recent years. One need only look to the current budgetary debacle in Kansas created by Governor Sam Brownback or the kerfuffle over union bargaining rights started by Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin for illustrations of what is likely to come if the GOP makes further gains at the national level.

Another benefit is the deep bench of experienced political operatives that the GOP currently has. With so many new conservative politicians entering the ranks of state legislatures, the Democrats will find themselves powerless to stop an emerging experience gap between their legislators and those aligned with the GOP.

This numerical superiority in experienced legislators will give the Republicans a major advantage in picking candidates for national races while Democrats are left to pick through the aging scraps of their ranks. This dynamic will only serve to accelerate a vicious cycle in which the GOP’s advantage at these lower levels of government reinforces itself and produces an even greater crop of potential national candidates for years to come.

republican victories in state capitols

One final effect of their growing control over state governments is the GOP’s ability to redraw district lines to favor their own congressional candidates. State legislatures are responsible for drawing congressional district in most states, so the party that controls them can choose the voters they want to represent.

Prior to the 2010 elections, the Republicans put a massive amount of resources into their state-level electoral efforts with the knowledge that the 2010 Census was a brilliant opportunity to seize the reins of the House of Representatives. This gerrymandering provided the GOP with a fundamental electoral advantage that undeniably contributed to their successes in congressional elections in 2012 and 2014.

I have seen the adverse effects of one-party dominance firsthand during my work in the 2014 midterm election cycle. When one party takes total control of the levers of power in a state, officeholders often find themselves tempted to alter electoral rules and regulations to favor their own party.

A prime example of such gross partisan manipulation can be seen clearly in my own home state of Kansas. Our current Secretary of State, the infamous Kris Kobach, is currently attempting to change electoral rules to allow straight-ticket party voting and impose further difficulties for people attempting to register to vote or cast their ballots.

It may be too late for the Democratic Party to halt the coming GOP wave that appears only to grow with each new election. 2016 is likely to favor the Democrats in the Senate and the presidency given the Party’s coalitional advantage in presidential election years and that more Republican Senate seats will be up for grabs than was the case in 2014.

Until Democrats invest in state and local party building in the way that Republicans have in recent years, however, they will likely find themselves locked out of state legislatures and, consequently, the House of Representatives, for many years to come. And unless they can do so and see measurable results before 2020 when the next Census occurs, the GOP will be able to lock in the gerrymandered congressional advantage that they currently enjoy until at least 2030.

I don’t have much hope that they will do so in time.

The Terrorists Are Winning by Remote Control

By Jerry Bierens, February 18, 2015

Think the president or anyone in congress or any budding candidates for office in the future know what to do with this terrorism? They have missed the point that the extremists are using to affect nearly all that we try to do to stop/contain them. Here’s my insight as to what is really happening:

I believe that these Islamic extremists know exactly what they are doing to America. They are as cunning as a master criminal, in that they are using their false religion and insane terrible acts to inflame the religious right in the U.S…

They know full well that it will enhance the chances for more and more laws getting passed and imposed on the American people that are of the (Christian Sharia type) religious nature. As a secular nation, this is the greatest threat to our democracy and freedoms. They have been eroding now for a decade and a half.

We have to go through extreme measures to fly on an airplane, we have surveillance by our own government, on our own citizens, we have had a deep wedge driven between the two major political parties that is leading to even more and more dysfunction and more laws proposed that are of this nature.

To them it must be great fun to watch us flail around and not have a clue as to what their intentions are and to not have a clue that this is their ultimate goal.

Be aware my friends, we are certainly under an internal attack as well.

The right wing crazies are just what the terrorists want to get into control of our government. We can see it in the voter restriction laws being passed, the fact that corporations (speciffically the Koch Brothers) can pump billions into getting their bible thumping, puppet candidates elected, a SCOTUS that might as well be working directly for them, attacks on women’s rights, the LGBT community and on freedom and equality in general.

It must be understood that if we are do not to stop this tide of extreme right wing nut job proposed laws and candidates and elect those that will stand up for our freedoms and total equality, we will soon cease to be anything close to a democracy.

We must get this corporate money out of our elections, be informed about candidates true intentions (sometimes they’re not so evident) and desires to turn this country into a form of a theocracy (it doesn’t work there now or ever and never will). These terrorists can only be defeated when and if we ignore their extreme acts and not let them remotely dictate to us how to act and how we react to their nonsense.

Think about it.

Jerry Bierens