Bats in your Belfry?

I have been doing some free thinking and the mind can be both scary an intriguing at the same time.

My curiosity led me to me that the old time phrase,  “bats in your belfry”.

Am I off kilter here or could that saying be code pretty much used by past free thinkers, free from religious dogma, to describe non-believers and used for code to describe the evangelical superstitious religious people when they were trying to be polite yet (semi) direct.

Anyone with any other slant (or factual orange, er, original) information to this traditional phrase have another meaning?

I wonder…


I wonder how old that freezes

Trump; Destroyer of Things

Isn’t that special?

The USA is faced with the (partial, at the very least) castoff of another public service that will have to be curtailed if there is no solution found.

What I’m talking about is the fact that there are more than 309,000 public pools and waterparks in the United States and there is a growing concern about a problem that has no immediate fix.

There is a huge shortage of lifeguards.

To make this problem even worse is that the presidents wild & crazy war on immigrants is affecting this in ways that would be totally predictable by anyone that used their brain and facts to address problems — instead, we have an idiot in the White House that prefers fear to rational thought.

So to alleviate this some communities are lowering the age for lifeguards from 16 to 15. Others are thinking about recruiting seniors to fill the gaps.

The ALA, the American Lifeguard Association, says that this is a problem that, although 10 years in the making, it is now being exasperated by the fact that it used to be those young people with swimming skills who wanted to visit American would get short-term work visas to be summer lifeguards.

Now concerns, that those visas could disappear and fears that foreigners are unwelcome, that solution is no longer working.

So, once again the fear-mongering brought to us by a narcissistic, unfit, lying, and an untrustworthy person is affecting us in ways that are curtailing the possibility of making America a source of freedom and no longer great a real possibility.

Make America Sane Again!

What Are Dems To Do In The Age Of Trump?

The right actions are needed if we as Democrats are to retain the House of Representatives, gain a majority in the Senate and put a Democrat in the White House.

From the excellent book “HowTo Democrat In The Age Of Trump” by Mike Lutz there are many areas that we need to address to make sure we are successful in 2020 and beyond.

Let me take a quick look and make these suggestions I got from his book.

Republicans are always proclaiming to be the party of liberty and freedom.

That’s a lie — but we can address that at a later time.

The Democratic Party should define freedom in more accurate terms.

Some of the stigma that the Rs have so cleverly claimed as theirs starts with a better definition of what freedom means in reality.

Are you really free;

–if you have had no meaningful rise in real wages in the last 10 (or so) years?

–if you’re working three minimum wage jobs to feed your family and provide them with healthcare and a clean, safe place to live?

–if you’re a small farmer and you only have one company that will buy your chickens, beef, or crops and they pay the least they can?

–if you cannot attend a school, theater, or a religious gathering without the fear of some nut with an AK-47 or an AR-15 coming in and shooting anyone and everyone they can?

–if you fear that your family may be ripped apart because of deportation?

–if your water is poisoned and the state is slow to fix it?

Of course not.

FDR said it best when (in the 30s) he said that we all should have these 4 basic freedoms;

Speech, religion (or no religion if you prefer [my input]), freedom from want and freedom from fear.

Democrats need to show working people that we will fight for them against the marauding class of the wealthy and large corporations.

We need to build a buffer zone between the government and corporate power that stops the revolving door between Congress and Wall Street.

The oligarchy has run amok and that is the main message that should be conveyed.

In the 2020 election, we will either make the gains needed or we will have to once again have to use all our energy just maintaining what’s left of our government and democracy.

Vote blue only.

Thanks for reading, share at will.



Business Forward | Net Neutrality

Dear friend, Congress is debating competing bills on net neutrality and consumer privacy. But we need more than talk – we need bipartisan action to protect small businesses and consumers.

I just sent a message asking Congress to take bipartisan action to protect net neutrality and consumer privacy. Will you join me?



Occasional Update

The Potential Harm Done By Religion 

Religious fascism and the number of fascists that are using this recent wave of dissent to enhance their influence all around the world is on the rise.

There may be an increase in the number of people that have come to realize that all religion is man-made, has no power other than what followers give them, are all false and nothing more than allegorical fairytales and stories, but that only seems to increase the most fanatical among them to be even crazier.

All religions have no more reality than any other book or article about ghosts, dead coming out of the grave, or any other thing that lies in the area of the fiction found in every religious text.

A sample:

In Nepal, women are now banished from their homes if they are menstruating or have just given birth.

In the USA a Baptist minister (monster) calls for the execution of LGBTQ.

Rick Wiles, another (American religious fanatic and an all around crazy person) says that “if you’re not a Christian, then you worship Satan” (he must not be aware of the percentage of millennials that are leaving organized religion at a record pace or even more unaware of the increase of people like me that are 100% Atheist).

Then we see Jonathan Shelly, another idiot, that says that all gamers (millennials mostly) are fat and lazy and should be put to death.

And last (today) but not least, there is the fanatical president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, whose ideas are beyond bad and could be described as cruel and barbaric — at best. I have no specifics here — that would take a book from what I’ve seen of this Fascist and will have to wait for another day.

Thanks for reading….

True Democracy

It involves a major change as to how wealth is shared.

Someone from high up in government needs to step up and educate the public on the need to grow and process hemp as an alternative to depleting our forests and other natural resources,

By turning hemp fibers (which need no pesticides) into 1000’s of renewable products from building products, to paper, clothing, and medicines.

But, of course, the high-ups don’t want this as they have no control over the profits.

The choice should be (but sadly is not) simple — either pursue this course or stand pat and do nothing while we destroy the planet with mining and drilling for fossil fuels.

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