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Trump; Destroyer of Things

Isn’t that special?

The USA is faced with the (partial, at the very least) castoff of another public service that will have to be curtailed if there is no solution found.

What I’m talking about is the fact that there are more than 309,000 public pools and waterparks in the United States and there is a growing concern about a problem that has no immediate fix.

There is a huge shortage of lifeguards.

To make this problem even worse is that the presidents wild & crazy war on immigrants is affecting this in ways that would be totally predictable by anyone that used their brain and facts to address problems — instead, we have an idiot in the White House that prefers fear to rational thought.

So to alleviate this some communities are lowering the age for lifeguards from 16 to 15. Others are thinking about recruiting seniors to fill the gaps.

The ALA, the American Lifeguard Association, says that this is a problem that, although 10 years in the making, it is now being exasperated by the fact that it used to be those young people with swimming skills who wanted to visit American would get short-term work visas to be summer lifeguards.

Now concerns, that those visas could disappear and fears that foreigners are unwelcome, that solution is no longer working.

So, once again the fear-mongering brought to us by a narcissistic, unfit, lying, and an untrustworthy person is affecting us in ways that are curtailing the possibility of making America a source of freedom and no longer great a real possibility.

Make America Sane Again!

How the Charleston Shooting Revealed America’s Shame


A killer blatantly states that nine Americans were killed for their skin color, and America is still in denial

There have been two shootings at predominantly black churches in the past two days. One was in Memphis,Tennessee, and the other in Charleston, South Carolina. The shooting in Charleston was at the Emanuel First AME church and resulted in nine casualties, all black Christians.

The media is exploding with propaganda about everything from religious freedom, more guns as a means of prevention, a war on Christians, and the shooter, Dylan Storm Roof is mentally ill. Anything but racism.

For the Emmanuel First AME church, this is only one racist incident in the churches 200 year history. “This historic congregation, the oldest of its kind in the South, had already seen more than its fair share of tumult and hate. It was founded by worshipers fleeing racism and burned to the ground for its connection with a thwarted slave revolt. For years, its meetings were conducted in secret to evade laws that banned all-black services. It was jolted by an earthquake in 1886. Civil rights luminaries spoke from its pulpit and led marches from its steps. For nearly 200 years it had been the site of struggle, resistance and change,” according to the Washington Post. It should be noted that South Carolina is where the Civil War started.

When Dylan Storm Roof was found, he was taken into custody without incident, and is still alive despite having a criminal record, an excuse used in many police brutality situations with blacks. A friend of Roof’s admitted that this attack had been planned for six months and that he wanted to start a civil war. Why this friend never said anything to anyone before is a mystery.

According to Roof’s uncle, he was given a gun by his father for is 21st birthday. However, he had been arrested twice in the last few months and is awaiting trial on felony for possession. Yet he still had a gun. The same gun his father gave him. In other words, murder by proxy.

If not for a loophole in the gun laws in South Carolina, Roof and his father would not have been able to obtain a gun with felony charges pending. Federally licensed gun stores would have seen the pending charges and denied the sale. However, in South Carolina, there are no background checks required for private gun sales. Gun control activists call this the “private sale” loophole. In South Carolina, you don’t have to do a background check, so private citizens can freely exchange guns. This loophole exists in 40 states.

Dylan Storm Roof may be a loner but he is not alone in his goal. His statement before shooting was loud, clear and blatantly racist:

“I have to do it. You rape our women and you’re taking over our country. And you have to go.

Systemic racism has reared its ugly head with a vengeance within the Christian Terrorist Movement. The amount of white supremacist hate groups have doubled in the last six years and paranoia has reached critical mass.

In November, 2014, Larry McQuilliams opened fire in the downtown area of Austin, Texas. The only casualty was McQuilliams himself but the damage could have been so much worse. According to the Austin police chief, McQuilliams had several rounds of ammunition and a map of 34 other targets – including several churches.

According to the Associated Press, police officers found a copy of “Vigilantes of Christendom” a book connected to white supremacist movement that clams Christian inspiration and opposes interracial intercourse, integration, homosexuality and abortion. Other members of this movement are notoriously violent, and some members have been convicted of several violent crimes including blowing up government buildings and abortion clinics. Terrorism enacted in the name of Christ. Sounds familiar.

Violence carried out in the name of Christianity is nothing new. For over a century, the Ku Klux Klan has been known for gruesome crimes against Blacks, Catholics, Jews all while referring to what they say is Christian theology. Several splinter groups of the KKK have started their own groups and are home grown but still organized.

News pundits say this was a hate crime and that he is a lone wolf. The religious right wing refuses to call this an act of terrorism or hate. No mention of race even though Facebook pages have been created to help with the criminal defense of Roof. We’ve yet to find anything on Facebook under the victim’s names. Typical of Americans to rally around a racist terrorist massacring attendees of a Bible study. A Bible study he sat through for one hour before opening fire.

To add salt to the wound, the Confederate flag is still flying at the South Carolina statehouse.

So to the NRA supporters and leadership, are you happy now? The enemy is you. How many lives need to be lost before your organization’s blood thirst is quenched? Arming every man, woman and child so they can shoot at one another.

The Second Amendment was intended to allow well regulated militias to go and capture escaped slaves who were property of the wealthy. The biggest lie the NRA tells is that it is about “protecting freedom” when the opposite is true.

“If they can ban one, they can ban them all!” That’s what Wayne La Pierre said last April at the NRA Convention. Gun culture is literally a tenet of faith in red states. Rick Santorum claims the Charleston shooting is Christian persecution. Mike Huckabee’s book isn’t called God, Guns, Grits and Gravy for nothing.

Do you blame Christian extremists or Beyonce for America’s troubles? Hint; the answer isn’t wearing a hat in this picture.
Huckabee’s message has been clear. Beyonce lyrics are why society is falling apart. Let’s not address economic inequality and injustice threatening to rip our society apart, everything will be fine if all of us are armed. Everyone white that is. Arming those black thugs and rioters is not what the NRA wants at all.

Their hypocritical stance is plain in its obvious racism. Christian hack and pro gun activist, Bryan Fischer, sent out a Tweet that says, “Misguided bans on guns in houses of worship turned this black church in South Carolina into a shooting gallery. Nobody could shoot back.”

There are no sanctuaries left in America. The shock and outrage will dissipate and we’ll move onto the next act of violence at the hands of someone who should have never been allowed to be near a firearm. Shootings in schools. Shootings on military bases. Now, shootings in churches.

Every time Americans fail to challenge gun lobbies, who could not be more clearly be evil if they tried, gun violence gets stepped up another notch. We did nothing when our children got shot to death. Now we’ll do nothing while racist monsters kill church goers. And the NRA gets richer. In the meantime, blame Beyonce and pass the gravy.

Gun lobbies think America is full of the stupid and the weak. And we keep on proving them right.

“Al-Qaeda, ISIS, all those guys? They’re not shit compared to the damage we can do to ourselves.” ~ Jon Stewart

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