Religion Has No Place in Education

Here’s some good news on the separation of church and state front.
We must remain vilgiant as these delusional types are continually trying to intertwine their (fake, man made) religion into our secular government.

As an atheist, I believe that we need to see more of this kind of progress. Then someday possibly a widespread awakening that all religion is fake and has no place in our governments worldwide will be the order of the day.

Theologies NEVER WORK!!! They harbor ancient myths as law and oppress and violate the rights of billions everyday. We must change if we are to save this planet and have a population free from discrimination and hate.

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4 thoughts on “Religion Has No Place in Education

  1. “Religion has no place in education”? Ridiculous! Religion is a part of our national Constitution! Art. 6., Sec. 3. and the First Amendment should be taught in every public school. Gene Garman, M.Div., author, The Religion Commandments in the Constitution: A Primer, available from

    1. You seem to be quite misinformed as to the main objective of my post. I am an Atheist, have read extensively about how religion was formed (man made and written, no ‘god(s)’) and have come to the conclusion that none of these fairy tales should be taught to any child in our public, tax money supported schools. If you think it should be, then you’re part of the problem in this world today. All forms of religion delude rational thinking and have been a hindrence to the progression of the human race for thousands of years. So take your so called major in religion from Baylor (another school that promotes these fairy tales as real) put it where it cannot continue to do harm to the earth we all share. Religion still has no business being taught in public schools. If you want to delude your children, that is your right. You can pay to send them to any private parochial school you can afford. I have no problem with that, but to say that the seperation of church and state is not guaranteed by the constitution is wrong. Maybe you should go to this site, and get some more education. Teaching children, whose minds are not fully developed, that the bible is infallible, is in the truest sense of the word, child abuse.

  2. The words “church and state” are not in the Constitution: stop using them! The words in the Constitution are “no religious test,” Art. 6., Sec. 3., and “no law respecting an establishment of religion,” First Amendment. If you are going to talk about the Constitution, use its wording, not someone else’s! Yes, I did major in religion at Baylor University. In conclusion, as James Madison, Father of the Constitution, wrote: “Strongly guarded as is the separation between Religion and Government in the Constitution of the United States, the danger of encroachment by Ecclesiastical Bodies may be illustrated by precedents already furnished in their short history,” W&MQ 3:555, c. 1817. In the USA religion is to be completely voluntary, not the business of coercive government at any level, whether city, county or state government. Chaplains at city, county, state, or federal levels should not exist. This is the USA, not Rome.

    1. You’re right, those words don’t speciffically appear in the US constitution (it says “religion”) and we can agree on that. I’m not really looking for a conflict of words here, only interested in writing truthful articles and sometimes the wrong words get used (my fault) and sometimes words are taken out of context (no one’s fault). Thanks for your comment. Of interest, I found info on W&MQ 3;555,c1817….pretty straightforward and a site that I’ll have to bookmark.
      Ouick question: If you don’t want to answer, that’s up to you. Did your education in religion at Baylor change your assessment of the Bible about it’s writers and origin?

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